Reito Design

San Jose, CA



Jeff Warwick creates original and commissioned pieces, designing independently, or working with designers and architects. Warwick�s artworks are in copper, silver, steel, stone, precious stones, and glass. The artwork on this website has all been sold. Warwick creates new pieces for commissions and for gallery sales, and once in a great while, has a piece in inventory for sale. Call or email us regarding commissions and availability of new pieces.


Jeff Warwick received his degree from Princeton in History of Art and Archaeology in 1986. He has been doing commissioned artwork and selling to galleries since 1993. Warwick works in Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.


Art pieces shown here include:


Garden fountains

Copper gates

Glass conference table steel base, electronic connectors included for multi-media

Copper memorial plaque


Candle holders

Glass art holders (Glass art made by artist Rose Hagan)

Hanukah Menorahs (Chanukiahs)